325 Blake Road Development

Development Overview

The City of Hopkins and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) selected Alatus, LLC as the development partner to lead a transformative redevelopment of approximately 13 acres of the 17-acre site at 325 Blake Road. MCWD will retain approximately four acres of the site for restoration, including stormwater treatment and public natural space.

The project includes a phased development consisting of 833 units of varying types of housing, approximately 18,000 total square feet of retail and commercial use pads, and public and private realm infrastructure that ties into the stormwater improvements and expansion of the Minnehaha Creek Greenway on the site by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. 

The components of the development are as follows: 

  • Building A / Chorus Apartments (Completed): 5-story, 116-unit low-income housing tax credit development (30%, 50% and 60% AMI rental and income restricted units) with 75 underground parking stalls. 
  • Building B / Artessa (Proposed): 5-story, 65-unit for-sale senior co-op development with 96 underground parking stalls. 
  • Building C / Crescendo Apartments (Proposed): 15-story, 231-unit multi-family market rate Type I development of which up to 15% of the units will be designated hotel units for shorter-term stays complete with elevated hotel and hospitality services; 5-story, 164-unit multi-family market rate development; 8,960 sqft of retail; 602 above ground parking stalls. 
  • Building D / Duet Apartments (Proposed): 8-story, 215-unit multi-family mixed-income development (43 of the units will be designated at 60% AMI) with 446 above-ground parking stalls; some stalls available for flexible commercial space parking.
  • Blake Road Townhomes (Proposed): 3-story, 32 townhome units with variable pricing; 64 attached garage parking stalls
  • Commercial use pads (Future submittal): Two commercial use pads totaling approximately 9,000 square feet. Separate site plan review will be required for the 9,000 square feet of commercial use pads prior to their construction at a future time.

Development Update

The City has received a land use application from Alatus related to the 325 Blake Road Redevelopment Project. The request generally consists of updates and revisions to a number of the components within the overall development. More specifically, the application is for:

  1. Four site plan reviews, respectively for Building B, Building C, Building D, and the 32 for-sale townhomes. 
  2. An amendment to the original PUD to account for the changes in scope;
  3. Preliminary and Final subdivision plat to create the individual lots for the townhomes.

The Planning & Zoning Commission held a public hearing and reviewed these applications at their January 23, 2024 meeting. The City Council will review these applications at their February 13, 2024 meeting.