Finishing Your Basement

Person Using Hand Saw

Building permits are required for:

  • Finishing unfinished space in your basement
  • Changing the use of space such as converting a recreation room to a bedroom
  • Some repairs

Applying for a Permit

Submit an application and two sets of your building plans (required for any finishing or change of use) to the City of Hopkins Inspections Department. Building permits for basements will typically be processed within 5 to 7 business days of receiving a complete set of plans.


When your permit is issued, you will receive an orange inspection record card that will tell you which inspections to call for and the number to call. Requests for inspections should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Read more about inspections.

Before You Begin

Prior to finishing any basement space, it is advisable to address any maintenance items prior to the start of work. This could include:

  • Dampproofing walls
  • Patching any cracks in concrete or masonry walls and concrete floors
  • Repairing any joists or studs that have been over-bored or cut without being properly supported

If you have considered installing drain tile and a sump pump, now would be the time to do that as well.