Parking & Transportation

Parking Ramp

Active Living

Hopkins is a Hennepin County Active Living Community, view the Active Living Community page. The mission of Active Living is to plan, provide and promote active living environments and opportunities for everyone.

Parking in Front of Your House

Any person may legally park a vehicle on any City street, unless otherwise posted, for up to 24 continuous hours. This means that anyone can park on the street in front of your house for that period of time.

Ways to Get Around Hopkins

Personal Vehicle

See the City map page and understand downtown parking details by viewing the Downtown Public Parking page.

On Foot or Bike

Hopkins is a trailhead for four Three Rivers Park District regional trails. Why not bike or hike to Hopkins? View the Hopkins Regional Trails page for details.

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter at Mainstreet and 7th Avenue S


Metro Transit runs several bus routes through Hopkins. Visit the Metro Transit website for more details.

Transit Link

Transit Link is dial-a-ride minibus or van service for the general public that must be reserved in advance. Transit Link service is curb-to-curb service, with limited assistance. View the Transit Link page for details.


Hopkins is the proposed site for three transit stations on the Southwest LRT Green Line Extension, view the Light Rail page for details.